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3 poems

Colleen Louise Barry


We can impose limits on anything

We will in turn be limited

I would let you know my mind

In a barely perceptible movement

As in a song

You will turn me down

This causes the world to change

Will you remember what I've said

This feels like a way to control that

If in your memory there you are

You can only change there too

We have a responsibility to choose

The thing that will destroy us

The world fans to present itself

With a showbiz wink

There is no way to answer everyone's question

Consciousness is relative

I will remember Massachusetts


A painting isn’t an example of life
Living is an example for dreaming

Sensation sears through the vessel
We live in the valley

I can’t believe time is marked
by people and with words

I go out into your badlands
I lie down amongst the red

I'm not interested in sentiment
I'll love you til I won't

I approach the idea of me with caution
like two stray dogs in the street

When you say something
Someone else said it

When you say something
The whole day starts again

An idea is an experience disfigured by necessity
Some people never have these

You don't want the world to see you
You don't think that they'd understand

I want to put my head on your chest
We used to hug when the room was blue

There are so many of you
I have worked so hard to lose

The air is gentle with bugs
A sunflower gets heavy in heat

Your emotions happen in memory only
Death is an example of nothing new

You drive beautifully
When you love me

I miss the way you know me
When I say goodbye, it's me

I jump to the next square
I hear Elvis

I was going to let myself be proud beside you
I water your philodendron

Here in the desert
I watch your fire alarm in the night


We are looking at ourselves in a really long mirror

We are having an experience about light

Light is not the opposite of dark

It doesn't mean anything

If you don't understand the why you are

Taken by all

You lost

You are living by building

A box within which to long

For what is outside the box

All that has meaning

Is not human but all that makes meaning

Does being

Immune to incentives make you

More or less human

If it is true that sometimes you love

The most what you hate must be that

You hate the most what you love

Come on now

Don't be so serious

Think about how you can

Know something so that it just keeps

Going outward and outward

I’ve come to understand so much

Less than I thought

Thinking not being

Synonymous with belief

I am interested in the world as if I am not

It as my interests create

If I could choose anything

I should choose myself

The sky goes everywhere

Are you a disciple of astrology

How can you tell where I am

I love a figurative concept

Look at how I look at stuff

Wanna sweep you off your feet

This is the part that makes you You

always want to leave

I create distance with my mind

Go ahead walk into the night

Touch my cheek because I cried

Colleen Louise Barry is an artist and writer in Seattle. Her most recent chapbook is Poultry in Motion (Factory Hollow Press). She runs the interdisciplinary project Mount Analogue. @colleenlouisebarry / @themountanalogue