god wishes all you f.a.g.s. a forever great summer

Dan Schapiro

god wishes all you f.a.g.s. a forever great summer

                i know

         my poetry

         like my sex  

            needs work

but i cannot displace care

            onto any other surface

                             the water      waters

                  the sentimental /


            mattered & overflowed

                 but do not matter

                 had had to matter                                               

                                    until coming

                                                 to surface

                                                 to code water

                                    to con / “template”    

                           the “work”   

            “exerted”                    to     “sustain”     “water”      “in”      “flow”    



all anyone ever does !                     is command your breath along !

            a long March of commas !                           punctuated by brief augustan sobs !


            like hey--

                        My boyfriend--

                 Howd u like--

              Tht Lee Lozano painting--            


                                     *ironic swordfight gains erotic traction*   


                               *in yr yearbook i wield wetmarker with sinister fist*


                                                                                                            *dutiful sobs 4 august*


            so blahblahblah                                            blaghhhhh                                        

                                                            I wish to get cool                  



                                                Mer is perpetual       


                                    In the way                                          everything blows     

                                                            on your hand

                        like it’s fire

            breath said God

            is mutable     

            like a phrase

            from anyone             

            forever [

                                   feeling amphitheatrical

                      a glance coming on                     

                these little surface cuts

             get littler &


                depressed by the sag

of my cruel cruel summer            

                               truffle sucking ass faggot heart

Dan Schapiro organizes a poetry and performance series for neuroqueers in Greenwich Village. His work can be found on Sublet, FEELINGS, and Wonder Press. He is @gayforcommunism.