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Sophie Jennis

I am cold and I make a note to enunciate like a woman wearing rubber gloves. Power is generated from delusion, and I am delusional in the wrong way. A man who puts gel in his hair is not needed. I love not you.



Mother thinks it is uncivilized to have blood stains on my duvet. This is my glory. There are two kinds of blood patterns on the sheets: a direct release, and a splatter, from fucking. I faint when pricked. There is some obvious way that I have messed up, but I am blind to it. I insist it does not originate with me. I am so sorry to inform you of this. Tons and tons of men have wanted me.




I can’t even begin to look at you. You do not have a Halloween store time cycle but feel vacant as one in May. While inside the store once I said “This smells weird.” I was chastised by someone emotionally close. Many others have found success. Moses was placed in a box and sent down the river. Fingers were crossed.

Consider this: An itchy gray sweater, v-neck, from a sorry store. I know a girl who kept binders on her desk and wrote notes. Her handwriting was marginally cute but not impressive. Average is a word that says more about the speaker than the subject. Some girls shave everything.

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