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3 Poems

Gabby Bess


My ass revolves 
Against a rich backdrop 

Cash falls heavy
On my lingerie 

Access is disgusting
But I’m trained to want it!

Ego stuffed with pity 
Like a lobster stuffed with jewels

Market value
Like horrible little lobster legs
All over the situation...

I’m a lobster with jeweled tears

Collapsed in pinhole
Like a lobster in piss

Money transubstantiates 
To decadent tissue

99% Angel

Brushing my ego 
Like a beloved high 
Before the snip snip 

I was the star of reality! 

Now I’m a velvet curtain 
Swept back to reveal
Pink painted toes 
Gripping pubic mounds
White beans crushed 
By a spiked heel 
Jewels and their fluid 
Spilling over an ass 

My desires want to kiss! 
As if they desired nothing

I must be with this 
Babyish braid


I let the little girl of me 
Boss me around 
She says, “Confess the poem!”
And I belch like a nasty oracle

Interiority is a piranha that eats happiness...
But people should listen to little girls

If the time is right
I will soften

If death is continuation
I will stroke its cheek

Gabby Bess (@seemstween) is a multi-media artist and the author of the poetry and short story collection, Alone With Other People