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The Baggage

Giulia Bencivenga


What is all this commotion for?


don’t need to monopolize
pain or candle sticks
in order to conceive of truth.

Gnosticism would have us believe

Matter matters to matter...

But I don’t find myself

in my tits, I feel
very much... chair.


Life can’t help

but flourish despite Form...

Desire’s ruinous

Spirit everywhere.

Giulia Bencivenga is the author of GIULIA BENCIVENGA IS A MANIAC from Inpatient Press and has a new book, Unreasonable Whole, forthcoming from Gauss PDF. She is the former editor-in-chief of the Bay-Area magazine See You Next Tuesday and guest editor at MISTRESS, and now runs the monthly reading series Two Snake in Hollywood with her best friend, Emily. She’s @g.iu.lia_ on ig and @billyjoebaldwin on twitter.