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2 Poems

JJ McDonald

Dog Named Janice

"I want to be a biker girl" you said.
I think
I think now

I now think you thought
this is how we would relate

Yeah, I'm a biker girl.
My glare, My coat, My strut.
I’m bad.

At my best I am sensible.

You ride top down.
I want to be like you.

I have never
never have I ever
seen you afraid

I've never seen you sweat.

Trying to impress myself
and you

Cool girl, bad girl.
The only love I know.

This Netflix Original is my Life

A midwestern girl
She looks like Tati
with Addy’s body.

I love a thick, squishy, salty, sweet.
I got you hairclips for christmas.

When I die and they read my journals
It will come out I had a crush on everyone

No one
My ass

Being a bad person is just a good person’s job.
I’m good enough to know how to stay away

I met her on tinder & miss her sometimes.

What do you mean what happened?

JJ McDonald (b. 1991) is an interdisciplinary artist from central Texas primarily working with video, text, and 3D objects. She enjoys rummaging through found content off and online and her works are curations of these findings. She has studied in Strasbourg, France ; Venice, Italy ; and earned her BFA in art video from Syracuse University. Currently based in Brooklyn, JJ works in post production. In her free time can be found at the dog park with her Pomeranian mix Dean, or at 8-Ball Community where she is co-representative of their zine library. Her recent solo show, An Elaborate Use of Time can be accessed on the LGBT Project Space & Queer Archive Horse Shed.