kay gabriel3.png

from Candy, or Catastrophe

Kay Gabriel

To be totally clear she was never a twin
I could wink and say a sister
I could rub at a stain till I perish
if I've affronted then I've nothing to confess
not bad coffee not a burnt casserole
not weighing on the brains of the premises
Candy I'm embarrassed for my temper
unfurled over points made in passing
my sadness though I say I'm not sad
my repetitions though I wanna be novel
the rude health of my keyboard brain
I'll stamp and my C.V. will reflect
the stamping of feet and the hair in the drain
hey, you admit, congratulations

First I dated handsome bisexuals,
then in medias res I joined the dead.
You can print that twice:
first I dated, dot dot dot
what else did I do with my bitchy life
I hopped into debt, then out again
I stuck my head out the window,
on the highway, for a joke
I picked a casualty—no, not that one, that one
some synapses fire and my boobs get bigger,
then smaller,
then smother a man
we're scaling the aisle of history, right to the top
hey! you can see my house!