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2 Poems

Meghann Boltz

Still Life with Purple Vibrator


Petroleum fist, regret
laced with regret
another Valentine’s Day has come
with no flowers
it’s O.K.
I’m not interested
in passing on my genetic code
to the FBI
or anyone for that matter
another visit to The Vulva Gallery
wonder briefly at the taste
of weed killer & morality
mostly white celebrities getting facials made from proteins extracted from the foreskin
of Korean babies
wishing I was living
off residuals from my time as a child actor
I want to shock
this violet rage into something less
more vagina
the white roses that adorned Isabella Blow’s willow casket
are my favorites
if that doesn’t turn you into an anti-natalist
I don’t know what will
perhaps the fact that sparkling water ruins
your enamel
or the mathematical impossibility of happiness & pyramid schemes
but I’m nothing
if not profligate, so
when I die please dress my body in McQueen
then soak me in gasoline
I finally believe you when you say
god does not make an appearance in this play

Bespoke Porn


I am lounging, languorously
in my very modern modular home
on the hills of California
where I dine nightly on imaginary
bon bons
fingering each one delicately as I concoct
the most delicious bon mots
to toss off later at the party
my bedroom aesthetic is pure Purina cat
like a cat I’m off like a shot
before you can leave me & moreover,
there’s a price to life I’ve never been willing to pay
draped in pastiche & pastels
I lie in wait for
a bang,
the third act denouement, some god
to make use of my machine

Meghann Boltz is the author of the chapbook rebel/blonde (Bottlecap Press, 2018). Her work has been published in Cosmonauts Avenue, Peach Mag, GlitterMob, Shitwonder and elsewhere.