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I Wonder What Our Future Children Will Be Vaping

Sophia Le Fraga

I Wonder What Our Future Children Will Be Vaping

You loved the pink flowers

With the pointy white hairs,

Soba noodles dipped in

Cold sauce. A contest for

Who could slurp more loudly.

I am sitting in a hotel robe swiping

At the screen of my phone

Staring at the cracks that hold

All of my secrets and poems.

Nothing interesting ever happens

When you’re on airplane mode.

I could sit on this bed for hours

Wondering what to bring you

Back from Tokyo:

A hologram cocktail

Or a sweatshirt with words

That don’t make sense.

Sure, sex is cool but

Have you ever changed your flight

At the very last moment?

Your lover splayed out

By your side. I’m mostly glad

The future’s over.

Do you want to check out

The lesbian bars in 

The gay district 

Later tonight? We’ll be

Hungover Sunday

Traveling backwards.

I want to live in an airplane

Between here and LA

Where it’s always yesterday

Or already tomorrow 

And not land anywhere

For a very 

Long time.

Sophia Le Fraga is the author of The Anti-Plays and literallydead. She edits No Issue, a zine that lives on Instagram, and recently moved to LA.