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3 Poems

Sophie Jennis


I have a bikini in my pants pocket, it is a bulge. You get hard for me like all the time. My bulge
is fake but I steep in wetness often. Your bulge is your manhood. There is jealousy I have,
wanting your manhood. It has become connected to much imagery. I could give examples.


Duck sauce and wonton soup is exactly my pussy. In a good way, but also in a complex and
highly intellectual way. There is a small pamphlet filled with my juiciest secrets. It is gray and
buried in cement. That is a lie, but a beautiful image. I dance like a doll, only by force.


Embarrassment from wetting yourself, I clutch your tears, your innocence is resolute. There is
no barrier between myself and mothering. I suspect you do not get clammy, but have in the past.
Now you sweat with assurance. Mom is proud, and you are distant enough from her.

Sophie Jennis (b. 1996) is from the Hudson Valley of New York. You can find more of her work at